Tips for Hiring an Airport Limo Service

Tips for Hiring an Airport Limo Service

Hiring a limousine service for your airport transportation helps to make your traveling a lot less stressful. Whether it’s for a business trip or a vacation, an airport limo service is a great way to allow you to unwind after spending hours on a plane. If you are hiring an airport limo service, here are some tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Provide Contact Info

Once you’ve booked the limousine service, it is important that you provide a cell phone number for your driver. You also want to ask them for a number as well just in case there’s any flight delays, pick up changes, or you have trouble finding them when you get to the airport. Be sure that your phone is on and available so they can reach you.

Keep the Confirmation Number

Sometimes, there are complications with our bookings or something that may needs to be fixed. It is important to keep your confirmation number just in case you have to prove your booking or need to address an issue with the company.

Check Flight Schedule

You want to regularly check your flight schedule up until it’s time for your departure. This ensures that if your flight gets delayed, you can quickly reach out to the airport limo service and let them know about the date or time change.

Early Arrival/Pickup

If your flight is in the morning, you want to schedule an early pick up time. This ensures that your limo driver will be there promptly and be ready once you get off of the plane. It is also a good idea to arrive early for your flight because airlines can be very busy and lines can be long.

Baggage Claim vs Curbside Pickup

Because of security changes, chauffeurs can’t come past any security checkpoints in an airport. This means that they can’t meet you immediately at the gate. Instead, you are going to meet your drive at the baggage claim area unless you want to arrange a curbside pickup. Curbside pickup is a good option if you are in a rush.

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