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13 Seater Minibus Singapore

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13 Seater Minibus Singapore

Book a 13 Seater Minibus Singapore and comfortably seats up to 13 passengers + hand-carry only or 9 passengers with 9 luggage. Separate rear luggage compartment. Comfortably with a walk-in entrance & center aisle for easy access. This stylish 13 Seater Maxi Cab has every comfort to make your next outing stress free and fun. Book Our 13 Seater Minivan Now!

Big Taxi Minibus Booking have grown in popularity in Singapore and other countries over the past years. This is mainly because they usually make the most ideal type of private transportation service in Singapore.

A maxi cab generally comes in a number of categories including a 7 seater maxi cab. Hiring a minivan, you get the assurance that you are going to have a vehicle that will suit your family perfectly as you tour Singapore. In fact, most tourists usually recommend a maxi cab Singapore as the most effective way to tour the city. It offers the most convenient way to reach and experience all the various tourist attractions in Singapore.

Book Maxi Cab 13 Seater to get the most appropriate transport service

Maxi Cab Singapore makes it possible for you to pick the transportation service and the kind of maxi cab that has the right capacity to accommodate all your family members. You should get transportation service that is comfortable and suitable for your family. If your family comprises of more than 7 members, then you should definitely opt for a 13 seater minivan.

Hire 13 Seater Minibus Singapore for your next event!

We provide 13 Seater Taxi Booking Singapore for all kinds of booking. Be it for Singapore airport transfers, wheelchair transfers, bulky items and even party bus service. Our minibus rental is the perfect choice if you are travelling in large group. Our 13 Seater Mini Bus Booking Services are the perfect choice for travelers with lots of luggage.

Travel in style and comfort with our minibus. Instead of taking multiple cabs, hiring a Maxi Cab 13 Seater is excellent for large family or group wanting to travel together. Travelling as a group together is much more fun. In this way, you will not have to waste your precious time to wait for one another. Comfortable, reliable and luxurious. It can seat up to 13 passengers comfortably without luggage. One of the popular choice for those who have lots of luggage. Our 13 Seater big taxi can accommodate up to 9 big luggage.

Comfortable, reliable and luxurious. It can seat up to 13 passengers comfortably without luggage. One of the popular choice for those who have lots of luggage. Our minibus hire can accommodate up to 9 big luggage.

The Most Excellent Transportation Services for Family Trip in Singapore

Singapore has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Families, both from Singapore and from other countries, usually prefer this city for various reasons, which is a topic for another day.

When moving around the city of Singapore during your vacation, you would definitely want to experience the city and what it has in store for holiday makers with style, comfort and much ease. And the only way to enjoy yourself this much during your Singapore tour with members of your family is by using the services of 13 Seater Mini Bus.

Of course, there are so many great transportation services that you can choose. However, if you are vacationing in Singapore with your family, then you need to opt for transportation service that accommodates every member of your family and allows the entire family to move around together as a unit. Bust still, you need to ensure that affordability and comfort are not compromised.

Reasons why Maxi Cab 13 Seater Singapore is The Most Recommended Transport Service for Tourists

Ask anyone who has been to Singapore about how to move around and they will tell you to opt for maxi cab 13 seater as your transportation service. But why do people prefer to use maxi cab or a minibus? You must actually be asking yourself this question, and that is why you are in this page. Well, there are so many things that make maxi cab Singapore the ideal transportation service in the city of Singapore.

  1. Available 27/7

Maxi cab Singapore is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You can book for maxi cab services at any time wherever you are because maxi cab booking services are available at all times. When booking for a maxi cab, you are given the opportunity to choose what time you would want to be picked and for how long you would want to use the service. Whether you are arriving at the airport at midnight, and you would want a maxi cab to take you to the hotel where you are staying, or whether you are living your hotel at down to airport or to any destination within Singapore, the services are available 24/7.

  1. It offers flexibility

Maxi cab is one of the private transportation services that offer great flexibility to travelers. First, there is no restriction to when you can do the booking and when you can be picked and dropped from or at. Secondly, you can access maxi cab booking at any time. Again, maxi cab services are also available any time, and you can use the vehicles whenever you want to provided you have done the booking. With maxi cab, you can travel as a group as if you are using your own car.

  1. Safety is guaranteed

All maxi cab drivers are professional drivers, and are legally licensed. They also have plenty of experience on the road. So, the safety of passengers is always guaranteed. As you know, safety is one of the things that most travelers care about. And because maxi cab services offer maximum safety to travelers on the road, maxi cab has become the most recommended transportation service in Singapore.

  1. Cost effective

Maxi cab Singapore is a cost-effective transportation service. The total cost of the service is usually spread across each member of the group that is using the service. If you do your calculations well, you will realize that each person will pay a reduced price. Again, you won’t be required to pay parking fees or to cater for fuel.

13 Seater Minibus

$ 75
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD75
  • Arrival - SGD85
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD95
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD75/hr (min 3 hours)​
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD700

VIP 9 Seater Minibus

Exclusive VIP Minibus
$ 85
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD85
  • Arrival - SGD95
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD105
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD85/hr (min 3 hours)
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD800

VIP 13 Seater Minibus

Executive VIP Minibus
$ 95
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD95
  • Arrival - SGD105
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD115
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD95/hr (min 3 hours)
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD900

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