Maxi Cab for Airport Transfer

Maxi Cab for Singapore Airport Transfer

Maxi Cab for Airport Transfer

Holidays are stressful enough. Dealing with crowds, balancing your budget, hassling with travel, without factoring in the idea of spending extended periods of time with family. Why wait by the side of the road, waiting for a cab to arrive? Or even worst, hailing 2-3 cabs for your families/friends and getting separated.  Hire Maxi Cab for your airport transfer. Travel to the airport together as a family/friends in the same vehicle.

Don’t waste your precious time wasting

Hire Maxi Cab Singapore and avoid your time wasted waiting to hail a cab. Worst part, what if there’s no cab on your area, and making you missed your flight! You don’t want that to happen. By booking your airport transfers Singapore with us, you will get to the airport on time, enjoying your holiday mood with your family/friends. Start your day right.

Enjoy the Convenience

Our drivers will readily assist you with your luggage, just sit back and relax. It’s your holiday! Let us do our work while you just relax. Enjoy the convenience of having someone readily waiting for you, helping with your luggage and drive you safely and comfortably to the airport.  Make your reservation and travelling easier by booking our airport transfer service. Various fleets from 4 Seater Executive Limousine to 13 Seater Minibus. So, not a problem even with big group of families/friends.

Comfort and Safety

Our drivers and staffs are trained and are always committed to offer you the best service. All our vehicles are maintained at a tip-top standard in quality and comfort.

We have various fleet for you to choose from to meet your needs. Either you are booking on behalf of your company, or even big group of family, we will meet your requirement. 7 Seater Maxi Cab will fit your family or friends easily with enough space for all your luggage. Travelling more than 7 passengers? Don’t worry, we have the 9 and 13 Seater VIP Minibus which can carry larger groups, and is often the airport transfer vehicle used.

Other Service we offer other than Airport Transfer

We offer the best experience in transportation, we can even add value to your trip if you share your itinerary as you with us ahead of time.

Maxi Cab

  • 7 Seater Maxi Cab
  • Enough space for 7 passengers + 7 medium luggage
  • $55 for transfer/departure
  • $65 for arrival airport transfers
  • Hourly charger at only $165 (3 hours)

9 Seater Maxi Cab

  • Maximum capacity of 9 passenger (without luggage) OR 7 passengers + 9 big luggage
  • $65 for transfer/departure
  • $75 for arrival airport transfers
  • $195 for hourly booking (3 hours)

13 Seater Mini Bus

  • Bigger Travel Groups
  • Perfect for airport transfer, outings and events
  • Maximum capacity of 13 passengers (without luggage) OR 9 passengers + 9 luggage
  • $75 for transfer/departure
  • $85 for airport transfers
  • $225 for 3 hours hourly booking

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