4 Benefits of Chartering a MiniBus in Singapore

4 Benefits of Chartering a MiniBus in Singapore

When planning for a company retreat with your bosses or colleagues, other than venue, the next major consideration would be transportation. There are several solutions to your transportation needs.

The first solution would be to meet directly at the venue, the good thing about this solution is, it helps the company save cost. But it might result in taking a long time to gather everyone and some co-workers might choose not to come for the company retreat due to the inconvenience of having to take the public transport. Such actions could result in low attendance rate for your company retreat.

The second solution is to meet at the nearest Train Station but that would limit your venue selection and activity consideration.

The last solution would be hiring a minibuses to pick up everyone at a designated waiting area. But that might incur additional cost for your company retreat. Having said that, after much consideration, we believe that such cost should not be avoided because the pros will outweigh the cons in both short and long term.

We have put together a list of the top four benefits you should get when you charter a 13 seater minibus. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


1. Professional Bus Driver

Who likes the stress of driving and traffic jams? Let the professional bus drivers handle the stress while you take the time to socialize with your coworker or sit back relax and enjoy the trip. They are trained to handle any traffic conditions and they know Singapore’s streets very well. Most importantly, they are trained to ensure safety as the upmost priority for all passengers.

2. Cost-Effective Travelling

A large group of people will be traveling together means that the entire cost will be split up, which automatically makes it very feasible in terms of budget. You won’t believe that the per passenger cost of hiring a coach bus is far less many other modes of public transportation combined. Moreover, the coach bus could also act as your logistic team to help you transport your activity props and item.

3. Convenience and Trouble-Free

Bus chartering also brings you more convenient. Transportation is completely outsourced to a reliable partner while you focus on what’s important to you and your company. The bus drivers will pick your group at the specified area you request and wait for you when your activity ends. You are in total control of your time as an event planner.

4. Customizations and Flexibility

Another very good advantage that you will be able to get is that you have the option of customizing your ride. So if you have any specific preferences, such as having a mini bar or a very good quality sound system, you can get this included as well. Book our Party Bus! Itinerary can also be customize to suit your purpose, in any event when you need to change to a new venue, you are also allowed to make last minute amendment without incurring any additional charges as most bus chartering services charge by per hourly basis.

When hiring a bus company, the pros usually outweigh the cons. So if you are looking for a minibus for your next corporate retreat or event, call us at +65 84999714 to arrange one today!