Why you should take Maxi Cab instead of a Taxi

Maxi Cab Singapore

Maxi Cab Singapore

There are many reasons why you should take Maxi Cab instead of a Taxi. There are many transportation options these days, but still it’s hard to decide what to choose to get to your destination. Thinking whether you should drive yourself, hail a taxi or hire maxi cab limousine & minibus services. Taking a maxicab is often the best option.

Going for luxury

For special occasions or event, you need a suitable transportation. Whether for birthday party, bachelorrate party, nights out, prom, we have the right transportation for you. Book a Party Bus and make it an evening to remember. Well, if you are looking for corporate luxury, we have the 4 Seater Executive Limousine and 6 Seater Alphard/Vellfire Limo. With the right company, luxury will not cost you a fortune.

Excellent Service

We have all dealt with an hateful driver. You should avoid this if you coming to Singapore. It’s your holiday, so enjoy it! Maxi Cab drivers are professional and punctual. They will get where you need to go safely and on time. No more waiting by the side of the road to hail a cab. With maxicab fixed rate price, you can avoid the fear of watching the regular taxi’s meter climb higher every minute.


Taking a maxi cab ride is more pleasant experience than a taxi. Enjoy a ride where you can have ample space of leg room, listen to music and chat your group. Taxis are clearly not ALWAYS the most comfortable way to get around. Whether you are booking for airport transfers, corporate events, or any special event, you will definitely arrive happy and relax.  We have various fleet to meet your needs. From 4 Seater Limousine to 13 Seater Minibus, we have it all. Require big vehicle for your corporate clients? We have the 13 Seater VIP minibus.

Safe trip for you and your luggage

Maxi Cab Singapore ensures your safety. We will do everything in their power to have all your luggage and the guest reach safe. Hiring a limousine is what you need when you plan to travel without driving your own car.