What Awaits You When You Hire an Hourly Charter with Maxi Cab Singapore

Whether you are traveling with your family, with your colleagues, or as a group of friends, hiring hourly charter service is always the best way to travel around Singapore. Hourly charter is even more ideal if you guys are going to different places and you would want to stop a few times along the way.

There are so many good things that await you when you use hourly charter in Singapore. This is especially true if you hire the services of Maxi Cab Singapore, which is the leading hourly charter service company in Singapore. Here are just but some of the good the good things you when you use hourly charter.

Ultimate flexibility

When you need to move around Singapore for hours, and maybe with several stops at different points, an hourly charter is your ideal transportation option. It offers you the flexibility and control you need to travel the move around the way you want. If you have an itinerary, hourly charter is the most convenient means of moving around.

More affordable rates

Unlike a car rental that requires you to pay for the whole day even if you are using the car for only 3 hours, hourly charters are billed purely on hourly basis and rates. This means that if you are going to use a maxi cab Singapore limousine for 3 hours, you won’t have to pay for the whole day but you will be charged for only those 3 hours. It is more affordable also as compared to taking a taxi every time you are done with whatever your business is at a particular point and you need to move to the next destination.

Well maintained cars

Having a well-maintained limousine driving you from one point to another as you go about your business is a very important thing. This is what you get when you opt for hourly charter by Maxi Cab Singapore. A quality transfer service provider always takes good care of their cars and ensures that all the cars are in good condition.

The vehicles are kept clean both on the side and on the outside, and there is no any visible body damage. This is not only to ensure your safety and comfort, but also to help create a lasting impression on whoever you will be meeting when you are moving around. This is particularly important if you are travelling as business associates and you are meeting potential business partners or clients.