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Singapore Changi Airport Transfers with Kids: Tips for a Smooth Experience

Singapore Changi Airport, ranked as the world’s best airport multiple times, is a destination in itself. With its butterfly garden, movie theatres, and the iconic jewel, it’s easy to get lost in its wonders — especially when travelling with kids. Here’s a guide to making that airport transfer in Singapore seamless, even for young travellers.

Preparing Ahead for Your Airport Transfer in Singapore

Child-friendly luggage: Consider luggage that’s kid-friendly. Trunkis, for instance, are suitcases that children can sit on and ride, turning the tedious walk through vast terminals into a fun ride.

Snack pack: Always have a snack pack. The journey from the aeroplane to your destination can be long, and having familiar snacks can prevent a toddler meltdown.

Entertainment bag: This could include colouring books, a tablet with pre-downloaded shows, or travel-sized board games. They can be lifesavers during unexpected delays.

Documents at hand: Keep passports, tickets, and other essential documents in an easily accessible pouch. With kids, you want to minimise the scramble when it’s your turn at the counter.

Navigating from Changi Airport to your desired destination presents a plethora of transport options. But when you’re travelling with kids, the convenience and comfort factor can’t be ignored. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of each to find the best fit for families:

Public transport (MRTs, buses):


  • Cost-effective.
  • Regular service during operational hours.
  • Connects to most parts of Singapore.


  • Requires managing luggage, strollers, and sometimes unpredictable schedules.
  • Stations or stops might not be close to your exact destination, demanding additional transit.
  • Navigating crowded stations or buses with children can be stressful, especially after a long flight.
  • Limited assistance, making it a challenge if you’re unfamiliar with the routes.



  • Direct route to your destination.
  • Relatively comfortable.
  • Readily available at airport taxi stands.


  • Waiting times can vary, especially during peak hours.
  • Not all taxis are equipped with child seats or may not match the safety standards you’re comfortable with.
  • Costs can be unpredictable based on routes and traffic.
  • There is limited luggage space in standard taxis.

Private Airport Transfer:


  • Tailored to your specific needs: Vehicle sizes can be chosen based on the number of passengers and luggage, whether you need a limousine or van.
  • Child safety seats can be arranged in advance by the chauffeurs.
  • Direct route to your destination without multiple stops.
  • Professional drivers are familiar with routes, ensuring quicker transit and arrival.
  • Pre-defined costs without unexpected charges.
  • Available round the clock, aligning with your flight schedule.


  • Initial costs might be higher than those of public transport, but the convenience and peace of mind often outweigh the difference.

Given the nuances of each mode, for families, especially those with kids, a private airport transfer like a Maxi Cab stands out as the top choice. It eliminates the typical stresses associated with travel, from handling multiple baggage pieces to ensuring children are safe and comfortable. With a maxi cab service, not only do you get the advantage of a vehicle tailored to your needs, but you also have the luxury of starting your Singapore journey on a relaxed note, right from the airport.

Tips for a Smooth Transfer Service in Singapore

Navigating airport transfers with children can seem like a herculean task. But with a little foresight and preparation, the journey can be as smooth as silk. Here are some comprehensive tips to ensure a hassle-free transfer:

1. Early booking:

  • Details matter: If you’re leaning towards private transfers like the Maxi Cab, it’s wise to book ahead. Not only does this secure your transport, but it also allows you to specify any special requirements, such as child seats, extra space for strollers, or even amenities like bottle warmers.
  • Pre-travel confirmation: A day before travelling, reconfirm your booking. This reduces last-minute hiccups and ensures the service is on schedule.

2. Keep kids informed:

  • Journey talk: Children can be anxious about new experiences. By talking to them about the upcoming journey and what it entails, you can reduce their anxiety. Let them know about the travel stages, from the flight to the airport transfer, and finally, the hotel or home.
  • Involvement: Allow them to be involved in minor decisions, like choosing a snack for the ride or selecting a song to play during the transfer. It gives them a sense of control.

3. Safety first:

  • Child safety seats: Whether you’re using a taxi or a private transfer, always insist on child safety seats. They might seem cumbersome for short distances, but the safety of your child is paramount. And if you’re booking with a service, specify this requirement in advance.
  • Stay together: Airports and transit points can be bustling. Always keep an eye on your kids, holding their hands or having them close to prevent them from wandering off.

4. Stay charged:

  • Device ready: Tablets and devices are a lifesaver when trying to keep kids occupied. Ensure they’re fully charged before embarking on your journey.
  • Backup power: Invest in a reliable portable charger. It ensures you’re not hunting for charging points and helps keep kids entertained throughout the transfer.

5. Stay calm and organised:

  • Deep breaths: Unexpected delays or changes can happen. Instead of panicking, take a deep breath. Your composure will reassure your children and make it easier to handle the situation.
  • Essentials at hand: Have a separate bag with all essentials like water, snacks, wipes, and a change of clothes. Being prepared helps in addressing any immediate needs without rummaging through large suitcases.

Remember, the journey is as much a part of the experience as the destination. By following these tips, your airport transfer in Singapore can be a comfortable and memorable part of your trip.

Why Choose MyMaxiCabSGP for Your Singapore Changi Airport Transfer?

When thinking about an airport transfer in Singapore offers, especially with kids, hiring a service like MyMaxiCabSGP makes the journey as comfortable as the destination. Here’s why:

  • Comfort: Our well-equipped minibus ensures every family member travels in comfort, with ample space for luggage.
  • Convenience: From the moment you step out of Changi Airport, our professional service ensures a hassle-free journey to your Singapore stay.
  • Safety: We prioritise safety, especially with young passengers. Child safety seats can be arranged, ensuring peace of mind for parents.
  • Affordability: While we offer premium services, our rates are competitive, ensuring you get value for money.
  • Round-the-clock service: No matter when your flight lands, MyMaxiCabSGP is ready to serve, ensuring no waiting time.

Book an Airport Transfer Service with MyMaxiCabSGP

Singapore is a treasure trove of experiences, and the journey should set the tone for a memorable trip. While the idea of an airport transfer in Singapore with kids might seem daunting, with a bit of planning and the right service, it can be as smooth as silk.

And speaking of the right service, if you’re seeking comfort, safety, and reliability, then My Maxi Cab SGP is the go-to option. Our dedicated airport transfer service ensures that from the moment you touch down in Singapore to when you arrive at your destination, every moment is stress-free. With our wide range of vehicles and top-notch service, you and your family are in good hands.

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