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Singapore Airport Transfer: Choosing Your Transport

Changi Airport receives millions of terminal arrivals annually, making Singapore one of Asia’s major travel hubs. Every vacation requires a plan for travelling to and from the airport, and the mode of transport you choose can greatly affect how smoothly your trip goes. From taxis and limousine cars to maxi cabs and so many places to travel, let’s find out your best tour shuttle to bring you from Changi airport to your destination.

Importance of choosing the right airport transfers in Singapore

Choosing the right mode of transportation for Singapore airport transfers is essential for several reasons:

  1. As transportation expenses may rapidly mount up, it may have an impact on your budget.
  2. The convenience and comfort of travelling with a lot of luggage may be affected.
  3. Selecting the appropriate form of transportation might impact your safety, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city’s traffic laws.

This article compares different transportation modes available for Singapore airport transfers. We’ll uncover the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of transportation and provide readers with valuable data so they can make an informed choice.

Modes of transport to and from Singapore Changi Airport


Taxis are a popular mode of transportation for Singapore airport transfers. Two types of taxis are available in Singapore: yellow-top taxis and private hire cars. The government issues licences to yellow-top taxis, while businesses like Grab and Gojek run private rental cars.


Convenience is among the top advantages of getting a cab. You won’t have to wait long to obtain one at the airport because they are easily accessible. Taxis are also comfortable and provide ample space for luggage, making them great for private airport transfers.


Taxis can be expensive, especially during peak hours. To raise the fee, some taxi drivers may sometimes take longer routes, which irritates customers. Also, taking more than one cab may be necessary if you travel in a big group, which might be difficult.

Public transportation

Using public transit can reduce the expense of getting to and from the airport. The public transportation network in Singapore is effective and includes buses and trains.


The cost is the biggest benefit of using public transportation. Public transportation is reasonably priced and offers simple access to all city areas. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is efficient, swift, and comfortable with air-conditioned trains.


Peak travel times might result in crowded public transit, which can be uncomfortable, especially if you have a lot of luggage. If you are unfamiliar with the city, you can find using the public transit system challenging.

Ride-hailing services

In Singapore, ride-hailing services such as Grab and Gojek continue growing in popularity. These practical transportation providers offer reasonably priced solutions for getting individuals from point A to point B and transporting items from firms to residences.


One benefit of using ride-hailing services is how convenient they are. You may request a ride using your phone, and the driver will pick you up at the airport. Also, ride-hailing firms provide a range of vehicles, from affordable cars to expensive ones.


Using ride-hailing services during peak hours is often more expensive than public transportation. Additionally, some drivers may not be familiar with the city’s traffic rules and regulations, which can be risky.

Private transportation services

Private transportation services such as MyMaxicabSGP provide customers a comfortable and reliable way to get to and from the airport.


Comfort is one of the key benefits of choosing private transportation services. Vans and minibuses are perfect for bigger parties and are available through private transportation providers. Customers who use private transportation services also get a personalised experience, including the choice of pick-up and drop-off locations.


The expense is the biggest drawback of hiring private transportation services. You may have to pay more for private transportation if travelling alone. Private transportation options are not always as readily available as other modes of transportation.

Factors to consider when choosing a transfer to Singapore Changi Airport


When selecting a means of transportation for Singapore airport transfers, price is a crucial consideration. Various forms of transportation have different costs, so finding one that fits your budget is crucial.


Another important consideration is convenience. Unlike public transit, taxis and ride-hailing services provide greater convenience. Also, choosing a comfortable and convenient method of transportation is crucial if you are travelling with a lot of luggage or have restricted mobility.


When choosing a form of transportation, safety should be a priority. The consensus is that some modes of transportation, such as taxis and private transportation services, are safer than public transportation. Choosing a mode of transportation that complies with local traffic regulations is also essential.


Comfort is crucial, especially if you’re travelling a long distance or are hauling around a lot of stuff. One of the transportation options that offer more comfort than others is private transportation services.


Time is a crucial factor, especially when travelling on a strict schedule. Several transportation options offer quicker journey times than public transit, such as taxis and private transportation services.

Comparison of different modes of airport transfer services

Cost comparison

Taxi costs start at $3.20, although there are extra fees for rush hour, late-night, and toll usage. Depending on the route, public transportation has different prices. The typical price range for ride-hailing services is $10 to $30. A private automobile service’s cheapest one-way trip is $50.

Convenience comparison

Some of the most efficient forms of transportation include taxis and door-to-door ride-hailing services. You might require more than just public transportation if you are unfamiliar with the region or have a lot of stuff. You may customise your journey with private transportation services by choosing the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Safety comparison

Public transportation is less secure than taxis and other services, especially after dark. Although ride-hailing services are typically safe, several security problems have been made public. It’s crucial to select a mode of transportation that is conversant with the city’s traffic rules and regulations.

Comfort comparison

Private transportation services are the most comfortable choice, particularly if you have mobility concerns or carry a lot of luggage. The car and the driver’s driving technique determine how enjoyable taxis and ride-hailing services are. It can occasionally be uncomfortable to use public transportation, especially during rush hour.

Time comparison

Taxis and private transportation services offer the fastest travel times, particularly during non-peak hours. Public transportation can take longer, particularly if you transfer between buses and trains. Ride-hailing services can also take longer, particularly during peak hours.

Make your booking for a reliable airport transfer chauffeur today!

Taxis, public transit, and private car services are just a few of the transportation options we analysed for Singapore airport transfers. Depending on the demands and interests of the traveller, each option offers benefits and drawbacks. Based on our comparison, we recommend choosing a private car service for your airport transfer in Singapore if you value conveniences like English-speaking drivers and comfort that includes enough legroom and luggage space.

Private car services like MyMaxiCabSGP offer reliable and hassle-free transportation, with professional drivers and comfortable vehicles that accommodate groups of various sizes. Whichever kind of transportation you use for your airport transfer, it is important to plan and reserve in advance to prevent last-minute hiccups and delays. You may make an informed choice and begin your vacation to Singapore without worrying by considering the elements in this article.