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Experience the Night Safari with a Big Taxi or Singapore Maxi Cab Service

Singapore is known for its state-of-the-art skyscrapers, bustling street markets, and rich multicultural tapestry. However, when night falls, there’s a side to the city that offers an unparalleled experience: the Night Safari. If you’re planning to embark on this nocturnal adventure, there’s no better way to arrive than in grandeur with the big taxi services in Singapore.

The Night Safari, an award-winning attraction, offers an opportunity to see the nocturnal side of the animal kingdom. Unlike traditional zoos, the Night Safari is set up to emulate the natural habitats of its creatures. It allows visitors to witness over 2,500 animals in their nightly routines, from predatory felines on the prowl to nimble deer grazing under the moonlight.

Discovering the Night Safari with a Maxi Cab in Singapore

Singapore’s Night Safari stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to wildlife conservation and education. A venture into the Night Safari is not merely a walk in a nocturnal zoo; it’s a voyage through diverse habitats from around the globe, giving visitors a chance to come face to face with the myriad of creatures that roam the earth after sundown.

  1. Himalayan Foothills
    Begin your adventure by stepping into the rugged terrain of the Himalayan foothills. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the majestic markhor, with its twisting horns, navigating steep cliffs with ease. You might also encounter the Bharal, or the Himalayan blue sheep, grazing calmly under the moonlight.
  2. Leopard Trail
    As you delve deeper, the Leopard Trail beckons. In a realm where the elusive leopard reigns supreme, this trail is also home to other creatures such as the Malayan flying fox, golden cat, and pangolin. The dense foliage and the careful placement of the exhibits immerse you in what feels like a twilight jungle trek.
  3. East Lodge Trail
    The East Lodge Trail offers encounters with some of Africa’s iconic species. The striped hyena, with its unmistakable mane, might be seen prowling around, while the bongo, known for its striking reddish-brown coat and spiral horns, could be spotted lurking nearby.
  4. Wallaby Trail
    A shift from the dense forests and arid terrains, the Wallaby Trail introduces you to the wonders of the Australian outback. Here, the lesser sooty owl might hoot a soft greeting, while the wallabies and kangaroos hop about, showcasing the unique fauna from Down Under.
  5. Fishing Cat Trail
    One of the lesser-known nocturnal creatures, the fishing cat, is the star of this trail. With its keen eyesight and swift reflexes, it’s mesmerising to watch this feline hunt in the water. Along the trail, you might also meet other creatures like the binturong or bearcats and spot owls perched on tree branches.
  6. Creatures of the Night Show
    No visit to the Night Safari would be complete without witnessing the ‘Creatures of the Night’ show. It’s an interactive 20-minute spectacle where nocturnal animals display their skills, guided by their trainers. From the raccoon’s mischief to the owl’s silent flight, it’s an educational and entertaining segment that appeals to both children and adults.
  7. Tram Ride
    For those who prefer a guided tour, the tram ride is an absolute must. Winding through the six geographical zones of the world, the ride offers a comprehensive view of the park’s diverse collection of nocturnal species, with the guide providing valuable insights into their habits and habitats.

For visitors looking to experience the Night Safari in style and comfort, consider booking a ride with a maxi cab Singapore offers.

What Makes a Minibus or Maxi Taxi The Best Transport for Your Safari Visit?

To ensure your Night Safari journey starts off on the right note, it’s essential to arrive comfortably, especially if you’re in a group. This is where the big taxi services in Singapore come into play:

  1. Spacious and comfortable: Regular taxis might be sufficient for solo travellers or small groups, but for larger families or groups of friends, the comfort of a big taxi in Singapore is unparalleled. With options ranging from a 7 seater maxi cab to a 13 seater minibus, everyone can sit back and relax en route to the adventure.
  2. Hassle-free booking: With advanced booking services available, reserving a maxicab in Singapore is a breeze. Whether you’re at Singapore Airport or a hotel downtown, these taxis ensure a timely pick-up.
  3. Luggage and bulky items: Carrying bulky items or equipment for your night out? No worries. Maxi Cab’s bulky item transfer service ensures there’s ample space for everything, letting you travel without any compromises or lengthy waiting times.
  4. Professional and courteous drivers: Trained to provide only the best in customer service, the drivers are not only knowledgeable about Singapore’s roads but also its attractions. So, while you travel to the Night Safari, you can also get insights and recommendations for your next outing.
  5. Wheelchair accessibility: Travelling with elderly family members or someone who requires special assistance? The wheelchair maxi cab services ensure that everyone’s journey is smooth and safe.
  6. Fixed and competitive rates: No one likes surprises when it comes to fares. With flat rate pricing, you know what to expect, ensuring a stress-free transfer experience when you book online.

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Singapore’s Night Safari is an experience that remains etched in the memories of its visitors. Starting this magical night with a comfortable ride enhances the experience manifold. And when it comes to a big taxi in Singapore, MyMaxiCabSGP is a name that echoes reliability, luxury, and comfort.

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