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7 Seater Maxi Cab

Benefits of Booking 7 Seater Maxi Cab Service in Singapore for Group Travel

In Singapore, 7 Seater Taxis are becoming increasingly well-liked, especially among families that want inexpensive and practical transportation. These taxis are ideal for families searching for an alternative to standard taxis or private rental automobiles because they can easily accommodate up to 7 passengers. The advantages of hiring 7 Seater Taxis for economical family transportation in Singapore will be discussed in this article, along with why MyMaxicab is the best option for families searching for dependable and experienced transportation services for leisure or airport transfers.

The Importance of Affordable Family Transportation in Singapore

Due to the high expense of private transportation, the need for more public transit choices, and the necessity to accommodate big families, families frequently find it difficult to move about Singapore. Families may now travel together more easily and conveniently without breaking the budget thanks to 7 Seater Taxis, which provides a cheap and practical solution to this issue. Families may enjoy a convenient and hassle-free transportation experience while saving time, money, and worry by selecting a 7 Seater Taxi service.

The Benefits of 7 Seater Maxi Cabs & Taxis

Spacious and comfortable

One of their key advantages is that 7 Seater Taxis offer enough room for passengers and luggage. These cabs are perfect for lengthy travels since they have roomy seats and plenty of legroom. Families might also appreciate the comfort of having enough room to transport their bags without worrying about being charged extra for excess baggage.

Affordable and cost-effective

7 Seater Taxis are significantly cheaper than traditional taxis and private hire cars. They offer fixed rates with no hidden costs, and families can save even more by splitting the fare between multiple passengers compared to taxi hourly rates. Families can enjoy an affordable and cost-effective transportation solution without additional charges for extra passengers or luggage.

Safe and reliable

Professional drivers operate 7 Seater Taxis, ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers. The vehicles undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure they are always in good condition. Additionally, GPS tracking technology ensures that passengers can be located at all times, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Convenient and flexible

Booking a 7 Seater maxi taxi is easy and convenient. These cabs are always on-call and may be reserved online or via a mobile app. Families may also select to be picked up and dropped off anywhere, making scheduling easy.

The Advantages of 7 Seater Taxis or Maxi Cab Services In Singapore

Ideal for Large Families

7 Seater taxis are the ideal transportation solution for families with more than four members. They can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers, making them perfect for large families looking for a hassle-free transportation experience.

Child-Friendly Features

Our shuttles are equipped with child seats and booster seats upon request, ensuring that young children are safe and comfortable during the journey. Drivers are also trained to assist with loading and unloading strollers, making it easier for families to travel with young children.


By choosing a 7 Seater taxi or limousine, families can avoid the hassle of splitting up into multiple taxis or using public transportation. These taxis provide direct and efficient transportation, saving families time and making their journeys more convenient.


Families can enjoy a stress-free transportation experience by choosing a maxi cab in Singapore. There is no need to navigate public transportation, worry about driving or parking, or deal with the stress of finding a suitable transportation solution.

Why Choose MyMaxicab for Affordable Family Transportation in Singapore

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of using 7 Seater Taxis for family transportation in Singapore let’s take a closer look at why MyMaxicab is the best choice for having the cheapest 7 seater transportation in Singapore.

Here are some reasons why MyMaxicab stands out from the competition:

Affordable rates – We offer competitive prices for our 7 Seater Taxis, ensuring families enjoy comfortable and convenient transportation without breaking the bank. Our rates are transparent, and there are no hidden costs.

No hidden costs – We do not charge extra for additional passengers, luggage, or waiting time, unlike other transportation services. Our costs are included, so you can rest easy knowing what you see is what you’ll pay.

Reliable and professional service – At MyMaxicab, we take pride in providing reliable and professional transportation services to families in Singapore. Here’s why you can trust us to take you to your destination safely and on time:

  • Experienced and trained drivers – Our chauffeurs are skilled and qualified and get ongoing training to ensure they deliver the greatest service. They are used to Singapore’s roads and traffic patterns, so you may unwind while they find your route.
  • Safe and well-maintained vehicles – We frequently service and maintain our 7 Seater Taxis to keep them in top shape for your safety and pleasure. We check our vehicles using the newest technologies to ensure they are always in excellent condition.

Child-friendly/senior features – We know that taking a trip with a small child may be difficult, so we provide kid-friendly features to make your trip as relaxing and stress-free as possible:

  • Child and booster seats are available – We offer booster and infant seats for children of all ages, so you don’t have to worry about packing or surcharge. For us to guarantee your seat before departure, please specify your requirements when booking or make an advance booking.
  • Stroller/wheelchair loading and unloading assistance – Our driver will be happy to help you unload and unload your stroller or any bulky items. When travelling with young children and senior citizens, we know everything matters, so we’re here to make your trip as easy as possible.

Convenient Booking Service – At MyMaxicab, we believe that booking your transportation should be quick and easy. Here’s how we make it simple for you:

  • Easy booking process – You can book your 7-seater taxi on our website or call our 24/7 hotline customer service. Our booking process is so simple that you can make a reservation in just a few clicks. 
  • 24/7 availability – We are open daily, so you may plan your delivery any time, even in the middle of the night. We can accommodate you if you have to leave early in the morning or late at night to catch a flight.

Reap the benefits of group travel by making a maxi cab booking today

In Singapore, accessible family transportation is crucial, and 7-seater taxis or minibuses are an excellent option for families that need to travel together safely and comfortably. MyMaxicab provides a reliable and professional transportation service that caters to families of all sizes.

The benefits of using a 7 seater maxicab include ample space, cost-effectiveness, safety, and convenience. Families with young children or elderly members will find Singapore maxi cabs especially beneficial, as they come with child-friendly features like booster seats and stroller assistance.

By choosing MyMaxicab, families can enjoy competitive pricing, reliable and professional service, child-friendly features, and a convenient booking process that comes with a flat rate instead of hourly booking. For all families in Singapore, finding affordable and practical family transportation should be a top concern — MyMaxicab is here to help.

We encourage you to book the best maxi cab Singapore has to offer from MyMaxicab for your next family outing, whether it’s 7 adult passengers you need to accommodate or just need a big taxi to fit all your cargo.

Visit MyMaxicab to learn more about their services and make a booking online today. Travel safely and comfortably with MyMaxicab!

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