Benefits of booking a 7 Seater Maxi Cab

Benefits of booking a 7 Seater Maxi Cab

One of the most stressful parts about going on your holidays and getting yourself to the Airport, or even trying to get around locally in Singapore, is when there’s a large group. It can be frustrating because most local taxis can only handle a few people. That’s where a Maxi cab booking may be your best option every single time.

We come to you

When you use our Maxi Cab booking to get yourself a 7 Seater Taxi or even a 13-seater minibus, we come to pick you up wherever you are. This is the first level of convenience that you get, and you can even schedule a time with us specifically, and we’ll handle the rest to ensure that we’re there for you when you need us.

Our fleet provides a certain level of comfort

When you select our 7-seater maxi cab, which is one of our most popular options, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the ride in oversized seats that are luxurious to the touch with plenty of room and leg room for anyone. You, your friends, and/or your family don’t need to pack themselves into the 7-seater maxi cab and feel cramped, and you will quickly see that everyone has more than enough personal space.

We also make sure to regularly maintain our fleet of 7-seater taxi options and the rest of our options to ensure that they are operating at full efficiency and fully cleaned between rides.

How to best use our services

We are available to you 24/7, and you can even book our 7-seater maxi cab for the day with whatever you have planned. All of our transparent and open pricing, as well as any additional fees, can be found here. You can make a Maxi Cab booking for practically anything, from our Charter for both personal and corporate needs, Singapore Airport transfer, Wheelchair transfer, and even just to get from one point to another.

When there’s enough room, we can also help with the transfer of bulky items as well from point to point. For that, we may recommend our 13-seater minibus as it’s more spacious, but feel free to always let us know ahead of time.

Whether it’s just you and the family or your friends have come from out of town, our 7-seater maxi cab is a preferred option to offer that privacy, safety, and luxury all in one. You won’t have to worry about getting multiple taxis that will end up doubling or even tripling the costs associated with those types of transportation.

You’ll also always have one of our excellent and friendly drivers who knows the area perfectly and can always offer you and your group recommendations for whatever your needs are.

Don’t let yourself struggle when it comes to transporting large groups of people, and feel free to get in touch with us today, so we can work to help service your needs with our 7-seater taxi or any of our other various sizing options in the fleet.