7 Seater Maxi Cab Singapore

Require Singapore Airport Pick-up or Drop-off? Require big taxi for your arrival? Departure? Book our cheapest 7 Seater maxi cab for your Airport transfer Singapore. Travel in style with our affordable and luxurious 7 Seater Maxi Taxi, with transfer fares starting from $60 only.

Maxi Cab Hotline: +6584999714

Maxi Cab SGP Services

7 Seater Maxi Cab

Small Families To Travel Around In Singapore in our 7 seater taxi Singapore. Point to point transfers, airport transfer and also hourly disposal.

Daily & Hourly Charter

Enjoy the flexibility of 7 Seater taxi booking on-demand hourly charter service. It is the ideal choice for business or pleasure.

Bulky Items Transfer

Big boot space 7 Seater Maxi Cab Booking to load your luggage or even bulky items such as bicycle, wheelchair transfers and many more.

Singapore Airport Transfers

Our Maxi Cab Airport Transfers and well equipped minivans take the pressure off you in more ways than one. Hiring an airport maxi cab limo service to be your dedicated transportation is the first step of an enjoyable holiday

Maxi Cab Rates

7 Seater Maxi Cab

$ 65
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD65
  • Arrival - SGD75
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD85
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD65/hr (min 3 hours)
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD600

7 Seater V-Class

$ 80
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD80
  • Arrival - SGD90
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD100
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD80/hr (min 3 hours)
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD750

9 Seater Maxi Cab

Maxi Taxi
$ 70
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD70
  • Arrival - SGD80
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD90
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD70/hr (min 3 hours)
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD6050
Most Popular

13 Seater Minibus

$ 75
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD75
  • Arrival - SGD85
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD95
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD75/hr (min 3 hours)​
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD700

VIP 9 Seater Minibus

Exclusive VIP Minibus
$ 85
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD85
  • Arrival - SGD95
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD105
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD85/hr (min 3 hours)
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD800

VIP 13 Seater Minibus

Executive VIP Minibus
$ 95
  • Departure/Transfer - SGD95
  • Arrival - SGD105
  • Arrival With Meet & Greet - SGD115
  • Hourly Disposal - SGD95/hr (min 3 hours)
  • Daily Charter (10 Hours) - SGD900

If there is a situation whereby no vehicle is available for your booking, we will arrange the next higher capacity for your booking at no extra cost. Unless there is a preference indicating that particular type of vehicle is required. 

For peak season or peak period hour, if there is shortage of vehicle, we might change to higher seating capacity with no extra cost.

  • Any additional stop within 2km will be charged at $10 per stop. More than 2km will be charged at $15-$25 per stop.
  • Midnight Surcharge 23:30hrs – 06:30hrs additional $12
  • Grace waiting time (10 minutes for 1 Way transfer) / (60 minutes for Arrival – once the flight/ferry has landed) thereafter $10 for every 15 minutes block will be charged to the total bill.
  • Public Holiday/Peak Season Surcharge additional $10-$20

Maxi Cab Booking Singapore: What to Expect

  • Spacious and Comfortable Rides: With options ranging from 6 seater maxi cabs to 13 seater maxi cabs, you can enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of your group size.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair Maxi Cab are available for those who require them, ensuring inclusivity and convenience for all passengers.
  • Airport Transfers: MaxiCabs are an excellent choice for Airport Transfers, providing ample space for passengers and luggage.
  • Online Booking: Maxi Cab Booking online is a convenient option, allowing you to arrange your big taxis with just a few clicks.
  • Professional Service: Maxi Taxi drivers in Singapore are know for their professionalism and excellent service, ensuring a pleasant experience for passengers.

Our chauffeured services are perfect for conveniently getting to and from the airport, sightseeing tours, or other transportation requirements. Mymaxicabsgp offers 24/7 service, so you can book with us anytime, anywhere.

Contact us now on our Singapore hotline at +(65) 84999714 or book online to confirm your ride and get ready to go in just 15 minutes!

Booking and reservations are available 24 hours daily, Mon – Sun including Public Holidays.
There are no additional charges for booking and reservations made in advance.

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Book a 7 Seater Maxi Cab Singapore, island wide respond time 5 - 15 minutes.