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Big Taxi SingaporeBig Taxi Singapore Hotline +65 84999714, various fleets from maxi cab 7 Seater to 13 Seater Minibus. We also provide 13 Seater VIP Maxi Cab for your corporate clients…

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13 Seater VIP Maxi Cab

Rent a limousine 13 Seater VIP Maxi Cab

You want to rent a VIP Maxi Cab or limousine in Singapore? We will give you such a possibility. Experience in Singapore shows that a limo with driver are renting those people who comes to visit the country for a few days or even hours.

VIP 13 Seater MinibusFor example, most VIP Minibus and limousines with a driver orders people who wishes to visit a variety of interesting places, to go to other cities, celebrating holidays or weddings. The person doesn’t want to use his own car and to sit behind the wheel, as he came to rest, so we can offer you an excellent VIP limousines range with drivers who will help you to enjoy the beauty of Singapore.

Maxi Cab hire in Singapore from our company – it is a large range of cars, which are in ideal technical condition, complete with high-quality service and highly qualified and professional drivers, who have extensive experience behind the wheel. We care about your safety and comfort.

If you order a 13 Seater VIP Minibus with a driver, then you will feel our employees’ goodwill and sincerity. Our staff will do everything to make guests feel comfortable in first-class car, during visit in Singapore.

The quality that we guarantee

Remember particularly, if you have an event or celebration, that should be celebrated with the level of ambition, the VIP Maxi Cab is just what you need.

First-class maxi cab and limousine service in Singapore comply with international quality standards.

Our advantages in Maxi Cab hiring (VIP Mini bus and limousine):

  • Our company immediately contacts the customer by providing all the information that the customer wants to know.
  • As our company respects and appreciates its customers’ time, we organize transport that customer needs as quickly as possible.
  • Our service Bookings won’t take much time, just 5 minutes.
  • We serve every customer with an individual and creative approach.
  • One of the main conditions of our company – Privacy.
  • Quality of service at the highest level.

All maxicab in this class have their own additional amenities, such as Wi-Fi, sound system, leather interior and tinted glass. Additional accessories and convenience are possible to discuss individually for each event.


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